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Adrian Zieliński tests positive for doping

The official result of a doping test has confirmed that 2012 London Gold Medalist Adrian Zieliński used the banned substance nandrolone and has been removed from the Olympic competition in Rio.  The sportsman has been a favorite in weightlifting in the 94 + kg weight category.

Poland has not taken a single immigrant from the Mediterranean region, EASO reports

Out of 32 European countries who once declared splitting between them 120,000 immigrants coming from Africa and the Middle East, 11, including Poland, hasn’t welcomed a single one. Surprisingly, others are not only poor and small countries, but also the likes of Great Britain, Austria, Denmark...

Top court rules Constitutional Tribunal law unconstitutional

The Constitutional Tribunal, Poland’s top court, ruled on Thursday that certain provisions of the newest law on the Constitutional Tribunal passed by ruling Law and Justice (PiS) are not constitutional. The verdict is another stage in the on-going constitutional crisis, in which Poland has bee...

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