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    Komorowski with record-high trust

    Among Polish politicians, President Bronisław Komorwski is being trusted the most with 80 percent of respondents trusting him, according to the latest...

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    Polish Parliament bans ‘junk food’...

    Polish Sejm, the lower house of parliament, voted almost unanimously to ban “junk food” in Polish schools and kindergartens. Only one MP, Przemysław W...

  • Bronisław Komorowski and Radosław SikorskiImage : Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    President criticizes Sikorski

    A National Security Council met to discuss any possible fallout concerning Radosław Sikorski’s ill-famed Politico interview. “This was ver...

Other news

New European Commission approved by the EP

European Parliament voted in favor of new European Commission and its new President Jean-Claude Juncker. Out of 699 MEPs present, 423 voted in favor, 209 against, with 67 abstaining.

InPay to sell its shares for bitcoins

According to Bitcoinmagazine.com, InPay s.a. is mediating the sale of bitcoin shares via equity crowdfunding site Beesfund.com. People who choose to support a company through Beesfund.com will receive personal bitcoin shares.

Sikorski maintains he was ‘misunderstood’ about Ukraine partition

UPDATE: Speaking at a press briefing later on Tuesday, Radosław Sikorski said that his “memory had failed him.” “After checking, it turned out that there was no bilateral Tusk-Putin meeting,” he said, adding that he had been referring to Putin’s statements in Bucharest....

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