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Economic patriotism increases by 13% in 2017 – poll

Nearly half of Poles (46 percent) admitted to making purchase decisions based on whether the product was produced in Poland, which is 13 percentage points more than in last year’s survey, according to pollster CBOS. Economic patriotism is the third most important criterion for those surveyed, follow...

Egg prices soar – Ministry of Agriculture

Egg prices have been soaring not only in Poland, but also across EU countries, caused by the reduced population of hens. This was the result of the detection of fipronil in chicken farms in the Netherlands, Belgium , Germany and other countries and bird flu in Italy, the Ministry of Agriculture stat...

Major regional airports to increase market share to 59% in 2022 – ULC

The Civil Aviation Office (ULC) expects the share in passenger traffic of major regional airports (Kraków, Katowice, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw Modlin and Poznań) to amount to 59 percent in 2022, from 55 percent in 2017.

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