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Poland’s Former Foreign Affairs Minister wintesses London attack

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Radosław Sikorski witnessed today’s terrorist incident in London, when a car drove along the Westminster Bridge and into a crowd of people. Four fatalities have been reported by the BBC, including a woman, who succumbed to injuries sustained from the car crash, ...

NIK: 80% of forex traders lost money

As many as 80 percent of Forex traders have lost their money, Poland’s Supreme Audit Office (NIK) said. Between 2012-2016, clients of Polish FX trading companies have lost PLN 2.1 billion combined.

World Bank praises Poland’s economic growth

According to the report on Poland, published by the World Bank, Polish economy has accomplished great things over the last twenty-something years. World Bank praised Poland for continuous growth since the fall of communism, averaging 4 percent average GDP growth per annum and moving from middle to h...

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