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Poland becomes 4th biggest exporter of Christmas products in the world

In 2017, Poland was the fourth largest supplier of Christmas ornaments in the world, having sold holiday products worth $66.3 billion abroad. This was a 93 percent y/y increase, according to a report compiled by Akcenta.

KPMG: Value of Polish luxury goods market set to increase to PLN 39 bn by 2023

The value of the luxury goods market in Poland increased to approximately PLN 23.9 billion in 2018, according to the latest edition of the KPMG report in Poland entitled “Luxury goods market in Poland.”

42% of global coal power plants run at a loss – Carbon Tracker

Two-fifths of the world’s coal power stations are already running at a loss because of high fuel costs, Carbon Tracker study revealed. For 35 percent of coal power plants, operating costs exceed the costs of building new renewable energy sources, the report added. By 2030 this number is expected to ...

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