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Kopacz: Gas pipeline will connect Poland and Czech Republic

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has signed an agreement with Czech’s Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, according to which Poland and the Czech Republic will build a gas pipeline linking both countries. Kopacz said that appropriate application will be filed with the European Commission in 2016....

Lack of trust costs billions – survey

Due to lack of trust in mutual business relations 47 percent of Polish firms resign from signing some deals, according to a survey by researchers from Poznań University of Economics conducted for the National Debt Registry (KRD) . As a result, Polish companies could lose even PLN 281 billion in 2014...

Poland summons US ambassador

Poland summoned US Ambassador in Warsaw Stephen Mull over an article by FBI’s head James Comey, in which he wrote that Poland was Germany’s accomplice in the Holocaust.

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