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KNF: Banking sector down 2.5% at end-November

The banking sector recorded an aggregated net profit of PLN 12.77 billion at end-November, according to data from the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), representing a 2.5 percent decline y/y.

Fuel prices on the rise

Average fuel prices increased by PLN 0.02, while diesel grew by PLN 0.03, LPG prices remained unchanged last week, according to BM Reflex, a fuel branch consultancy company.

BIK: Seniors have nearly PLN 10k in debt on average

The average debt of a person over 65 years-old is PLN 9,936, according to the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). In value terms, seniors have the most consumption loans (PLN 18.9 billion), followed by mortgages (PLN 6.6 billion), credit cards (PLN 1.1 billion), and debit limits (PLN 0.9 billion).

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