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Government spokeswoman resigns

Iwona Sulik “does not want to put PM Ewa Kopacz in a difficult situation regarding the article in the Fakt daily,” as she said in her statement sent to the Polish Press Agency. She assured the public opinion that she made the decision by herself.

Kremlin responds to Schetyna’s words about Auschwitz

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is indignant with the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Wednesday statement regarding the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. Sergey Lavrov, the head of the Russian diplomacy accused Schetyna of blasphemy, Polish Radio reported.

Merkel and Kopacz discuss German minimum wage’s impact on Polish transport firms

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz talked with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel about the impact of Germany’s new minimum wage law on Polish transport companies. According to a new law that came into force on January 1 in Germany, all employees working in German territory regardless of w...

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