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Jaguar Land Rover will buy its unsold cars from BAH

Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland, the headquarters of the Jaguar Land Rover concern for Europe, will purchase unsold, unregistered and brand new Jaguar and Land Rover cars and spare parts from the British Automotive Holding subsidiary – BAH said in a statement.

Polish salaries may be equal to EU average in 59 years

The average Polish salary has been steadily increasing in recent years, reducing a gap with richer EU countries, Grant Thornton reported. However, it should take 59 more years for Polish earnings to be equal to the EU average, the company estimated.

Stress test show high resistance of Polish banks

European Banking Authority (EBA) stress tests showed high resilience of Polish banks in case of a theoretical macroeconomic shock, Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) reported. This year’s EBA research was conducted on a sample of 48 European banks, covering a total of about 70 percent banki...

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