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Baltic Pipe gets €33 mln EU financing

The Polish-Denmark Baltic Pipe gas link will get €33 million in funding from the Connecting Europe Facility program, the ministry of energy informed.

Poles work 41.2 hours per week – Eurostat

On average, a full-time European employee works 40.3 hours a week, according to data released by the EU statistical office Eurostat. People work the longest in the UK (42.3 hours), while Denmark had the shortest (37.8 hours), Poland with 41.2 hours was fifth.

Polish-Russian team rescues French climber at 20,000 feet, hope for Polish team mate all but lost

A Polish-Russian team of mountain climbers: Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko managed to find French climber Elisabeth Revol, who had been stranded on Nanga Parbat together with Poland’s Tomasz Mackiewicz. She was found at around 2 a.m. Pakistani time at 6,100 meters (20,000 feet). She had frostbites o...

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