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Polish GDP growth highest in EU – Bloomberg

Poland’s GDP will grow the fastest among the EU states, expanding by 3.3 percent this year, according to estimates by Bloomberg. Polish economy ranked 17th out of 57 included in the ranking.

20 wealthiest Poles have PLN 75 bln

The Polish edition of Forbes magazine has published a ranking of the 100 richest Poles, with Jan Kulczyk (infrastructure and raw materials), Krzysztof Solorz-Żak (media, telecommunications) and Michał Sołowow (building and chemical industry) occupying the top three spots. The value of Kulczyk’...

Bureaucracy level hits record high

As many as 25,634 pages of new acts, regulations and other documents that create or modify the existing law came into force in 2014, according to Grant Thornton, an international consulting firm.

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