Domoteka launches new coworking space

Source: Domoteka

Interior furnishing center Domoteka is an important place on the Warsaw map for lovers of good design. Customers can count on a wide range of home products and the power of inspiration. Now, there is also a zone for them to work, rest during shopping, prepare arrangement plans or simply to get to know the Domoteka range better. Such opportunities are provided by the newly open Domospace coworking space.

Domospace is to be an important stop during many hours of hiking. Here you can relax, drink coffee, and learn about the products offered by Domoteka, which are an important element of the decor. Because it is a coworking space, it provides the right conditions for joint work, meetings or discussing projects. The ergonomic spatial arrangement fully supports all these goals.

At Domospace, three important functional zones can be distinguished: for work, rest and inspiration. Agnieszka Tkaczyk, a designer responsible for coworking, strived to clearly separate spaces for various purposes. Therefore, in the work area there is a conference table with chairs, a projector and a large monitor, where you can organize a larger meeting with a multimedia presentation. The equipment also included necessary equipment, such as a multifunction device with a printer or a shredder. A place for individual work and meetings in a more intimate group was also taken care of. The facility can use the wireless Internet. Therefore, Domospace provides customers with a space where they can plan shopping, view templates, meet an interior designer and discuss arrangement and decor.


agnieszka tkaczyk

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