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Taxation / Tax-safe investments in Poland

Recent developments in tax law are proving to be a challenge for investors who want to make a profitable investment while also complying with local law and tax requirements


Small Businesses / The ‘small business’ trap

Running a small business is arguably more difficult than running a large one; it often requires staff to cover several functions and the loss of even one team member can cause a real headache. When it comes to completing transactions in a small business, there are even more challenges that come to the...


Real Estate / How to lease property correctly?

Many building owners regularly lose money as a result of working with incorrect leasing data. Having accurate, up-to-date information could boost real estate owners’ rental income by millions over the course of a lease contractsurement


M&A / Poland becoming a mature M&A market

The country’s favorable economic landscape is attracting more cross-border deals. Meanwhile, Polish industry champions are venturing outside of Poland in search of acquisitions




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