'Everything we have with my husband is due solely to our hard work': Sylwia Peretti

Sylwia Peretti, source: Newseria

The career of Sylwia Peretti, a participant in the 'Queens of Life' program, develops brilliantly, and her wealth stings many people's eyes. Sylwia Peretti ensures that everything they have with her husband is due to their hard work and idea for a profitable business. As she recalls, she comes from a house where it was not always overflowing, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she was able to draw conclusions and act. She also knows that there are many envious people around her who try to destroy the good name of their marriage and even extort money from them.

"What we have we owe only to our work. We see each other very rarely, we work a lot, we pass each other, but thanks to that we are where we are today. It is only my husband's success and mine. I drive a very good car, I have a beautiful house, I bought an apartment now, we live on a very nice standard, but we work for it ourselves," Sylwia Peretti stressed.

As she emphasized, she is proud of what she managed to achieve in her life. She is also happy that she has found a partner, who also has great ambitions and strives to be able to live at a high level with her hard work. The participant of the ‘Queens of Life’ program does not care about hate and harmful opinions of people who have achieved nothing but only envy others. She herself knows how difficult it is to start from scratch and fight for her position.


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