The partnership is all about complementing each other: model

Karolina Malinowska, source: Newseria

Karolina Malinowska, a former model, believes that women too often shoulder too many responsibilities and are thus permanently tired. In addition, family members, accustomed to having someone take care of them, downplay certain issues and do nothing to change this for their convenience. Karolina Malinowska therefore highly praises and appreciates her husband – Olivier Janiak – and has the satisfaction that they have managed to create a partnership model of functioning.

The model realizes that if it were not for her husband's help with household duties, she would not have been able to complete many professional projects. Thanks to the fact that he is always next to her whenever she needs him, she feels fulfilled as a mother, wife, and professionally. She also has a chance to carve out free time and relax.

"If one has a partner who is an actual partner, free time is not something we women will have to scrounge up for ourselves. On the contrary, it seems to me that certain things come naturally, and I would say that partnership is about a certain complementarity. Then each of us is also able to find a moment for our activities, our work and just to be for ourselves for a while," Karolina Malinowska said.


karolina malinowska
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