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12:36 19 January 2020
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Russia: Ministry of Defense accuses Poland of genocide

Russia: Ministry of Defense accuses Poland of genocide
source: Wikipedia

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the publication of declassified documents regarding, among others of the Red Army entering Warsaw on January 17, 1945, the Ministry emphasized that the publication of the documents was "a continuation of activities aimed at protecting historical truth.”

According to AFP, the Russian Ministry of Defense on Friday accused the Polish Secret State of murdering Jews and Ukrainians in 1945. “These documents testify that the Home Army (AK) troops destroyed the Ukrainians and Jews in the city," the ministry's statement was posted on Facebook.

The entries on Facebook and Twitter contain links to a collection of documents and to a website dedicated to the "75th anniversary of the city's liberation". The folder with downloads was named "Liberation of Warsaw".


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