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12:00 3 February 2020
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CPI acquires further shares in Globalworth

CPI Property Group has taken over Zakiono Enterprises from Ioannis Papalekas, founder and CEO of Globalworth. Zakiono holds 23,734,670 Globalworth shares, representing 10.7% of the total number of votes.

As a result of this acquisition and other recent purchases, CPI currently holds 37,111,098 Globalworth shares, representing 16.8% of the total number of votes. Zakiono also owns warrants that can be exercised as part of an additional 2,830,020 Globalworth shares.

Going forward, CPI expects Zakiono to hold all of the Group's shares in Globalworth.

 “We are glad that we purchased Zakiono from Mr. Papalekas. The transaction enabled us to build a more significant shareholding in Globalworth,” Martin Nemecek, CEO of CPIPG said.


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