8:30 15 June 2021
Post by: WBJ

Bank Pekao simplified loan process to accelerate loan decisions

Bank Pekao has simplified the credit process and shortened credit decision times thanks to the ability to share account history from another bank online through open banking, the institution said. The bank uses the open banking service in its cash loan, overdraft limit, and credit card processes


“With open banking, customers have gained a convenient tool to manage accounts from different banks in one service. The implementation of this solution also means new possibilities that we use in the loan process. All the customer has to do is add access to information about their account at another bank, and the advisor will be able to analyze the data needed in the credit process without unnecessary waiting for paper documents. The open banking solution reduces to a minimum the waiting time for a credit decision and makes it possible to obtain a loan easily and quickly,” said Piotr Gołąb, director of the Individual Customer Credit Products Department in Bank Pekao.


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