'I would like to follow the path of Remigiusz Mróz': Patrycja Strzałkowska

Patrycja Strzałkowska, source: Newseria

Patrycja Strzałkowska has gained popularity thanks to her participation in popular TV programs. Currently, she is writing novels, among other things. She already has such titles as ‘Welcome to spicy Warsaw’, ‘Cover girl’ and ‘Immoral decisions’. In her latest book, she wonders how far reality show makers can go in the fight for audience. She points out that one day she would like to see the fate of her heroes transferred to the big screen.

“My biggest professional dream is the adaptation of one of my novels. I hope it will come to that one day, because it is my goal,” Patrycja Strzałkowska said.

She explains that she is only at the beginning of her career. However, she intends to work hard to keep up with today's popular creators. She hopes that in a few years' time she will be as recognizable and valued as they are.

“Remigiusz Mróz was not known at the beginning of his journey. Through his hard work, he has reached the point that virtually every Pole knows who he is. His books are screened, and series are also based on them. I would like to follow his path and achieve satisfactory results thanks to systematic work,” the actress explained.

Patrycja Strzałkowska reveals that she was inspired to write the latest novel by the situations she encountered while participating in the reality show. Autobiographical plots enrich the novel and make it an emotional diary.

“Of all the books I have written, I like the most ‘Immoral Decisions’ because it is surprising. I was inspired to write it by the story of a loved one, which is why I have a great fondness for her. On the other hand, the most commercial book I have ever written is ‘The Show of My Life’. It reveals the backstage of reality shows that are now incredibly popular,” she added.


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