Natalia Gryglewska prepares for the next Miss World contest

Natalia Gryglewska, source: Newseria

Natalia Gryglewska, Miss Polonia 2020, because of the title she holds, takes part in various professional projects, advertising campaigns, social actions and industry events. On May 27 in Wloclawek the Miss Polonia 2021/2022 final will take place, during which she will hand over the amber crown to her successor and she will start preparing for the Miss World contest, which will probably be held for the second time this year. When it comes to her free time, the model likes to spend it actively because, as she admits, sport plays a very important role in her life.

Natalia Gryglewska says that she likes to take part in beauty contests, but she does not treat them as competitions, which she has to win at all costs. She keeps her distance from them, because for her it is rather a kind of self-promotion and a chance to gain popularity.

"I don't like competition, in general I think I'm a person who approaches competition with a calm head. However, I think that we need healthy rivalry, in good company, although I am rather a person who avoids it," Natalia Gryglewska said.

She does not hide that the Miss Polonia title contest was very emotional for her. It was a big experience for her, because like every candidate she wanted to do well and gain recognition in the eyes of the jury.

Natalia Gryglewska stresses that she is very happy with the victory of Karolina Bielawska who after 33 years repeated the historical success of Aneta Kręglicka and became the new Miss World. She supports her in her future professional projects and appreciates her commitment and determination.


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