Ramp, a Polish cryptocurrency company founded by Szymon Sypniewicz and Przemysław Kowalczyk, has raised $10.1 million in its latest seed round of funding, which is roughly PLN 37 million. Among those who invested in the startup was NfX fund or... Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox web browser. We give what the stock exchanges are not able to give - says Sypniewicz, telling us about the latest investment in Ramp and the company’s development plans.

Ramp, like many well-known companies in the crypto industry, is not a cryptocurrency exchange but a software provider. Ramp creates so-called SDKs (software development kits), i.e. tools for building applications to exchange traditional fiat currencies such as the dollar or the zloty into cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the Polish company’s technology, more companies can create their own cryptocurrency applications. Ramp’s goal is simple: to provide software that makes crypto transactions as easy as shopping on the Internet.

The Polish startup already has over 200 partners around the world, including web browser manufacturers: Mozilla and Opera, as well as several DeFi, or decentralized finance apps - such as Argent and Zerion. And the company is just getting off the ground and has just raised $10 million in a seed round of funding, which is a sizable amount for this stage.


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