20:13 12 May 2019
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Average internet speed in Poland is above the global

Average internet speed in Poland is above the global
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The average internet speed has been growing in Poland and is already above the global average (54.5 Mbps compared to 54.33 Mbps), according to We Are Social - Digital 2019. However, in comparison to such European countries as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, and Spain, where the average internet speed is 70-100 Mbps, Poland still ranks quite low.

According to data collected by M-Lab (a partner research project managed by, among others, Google and the New America's Open Technology Institute), the average internet speed in the world has increased by 23 percent. The analysis carried out by FTTH Council Europe and IDATE shows that the number of fiber optic Internet users in Europe has been growing at a very similar pace (20 percent year-on-year).

(Business Insider)

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