20:13 28 May 2020
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Crowdinvesting gaining importance in financial market.

Crowdinvesting gaining importance in financial market.
Marcin Pabijanek, source: Social.Estate

As the latest Cambridge University report in 2018 shows, the global alternative finance sector provided $304.5 billion in transaction volume.

Crowdinvesting (also known as crowdfunding) has been operating since 2012. The United States became a pioneer in its field, in which the first platform for social investment in real estate was created. Crowdinvesting for developers provides a natural source of access to foreign capital, and for individual investors it is a way to protect capital and build assets on a market inaccessible until now. Today, there are already 70 crowdinvesting sites around the world that, with the help of individual clients, help companies in obtaining financing.

"According to previous data, the rates of return on commercial real estate outweigh the profits from renting a flat on its own. An additional advantage of the investment is that they constitute passive income, the investor does not have to individually look for tenants or renovate the space on their own, says Marcin Pabijanek, CEO and founder of Social.Estate - the first RECF (Real Estate Crowdfunding) platform in Poland, said.

In his opinion, investing in real estate online, using new technologies, has great potential and brings value not only to individual investors, but also to the entire economy.

To become a co-owner of a commercial real estate, such as Hebe, Rossman, Biedronka or Żabka, you only need a few thousand zlotys of initial capital, which is paid using the investment platform. The investments allow for effective building of own capital in the long-term 5-15-year perspective.


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