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20:30 14 March 2021
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Healthy building becomes new vision of luxury

Healthy building becomes new vision of luxury
Source: ZŁOTA 44

Modern, luxurious apartment buildings offer residents the comfort of living, providing clean air, treated water, and sports spaces encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. Comprehensive solutions allow them to be called "healthy buildings". Ventilation, air conditioning, thermal comfort, dust filters, safety and security, noise re-education from the outside, as well as adequate lighting. Only the best residential buildings in the world can attempt this combination of the best features. Today, staying in the apartment for most of the day, the residents expect maximum comfort and an environment conducive to a healthy life.

The last year has clearly seen a growing interest in large apartments. The average area of ​​apartments sold in ZŁOTA 44 increased to 150 sqm. Buyers are looking for a space that will become a home for a family, a place convenient for work and distance learning, but also a great place to store capital during inflation. The apartments at ZŁOTA 44 have a common feature, which is wide, panoramic windows, thanks to which the rooms are properly lit. The apartment building has an HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Efficient operation is the result of two air supply units that provide 100 percent of air from the outside. Supply units are equipped with special dust filters, and more advanced solutions can be found only in laboratories and operating theaters. The inflow of outside air is possible thanks to the hinged window panels that automatically close when the system detects a strong wind. HMS is responsible for the automation – a management system that allows you to control automatic window blinds, lighting, thermostats, and also allows you to adjust the temperature in individual rooms, even from a smartphone. In addition to the filters influencing the excellent air quality, ZŁOTA 44 has its own treatment plant. This means that completely safe water flows from the tap in every apartment. The triple-glazed facade of the apartment building reduces noise from the outside, thanks to which we experience peace and quiet inside, which is conducive to relaxation. Another condition met by ZŁOTA 44 is its façade made in triple glazing technology, reducing noise from the outside, making each apartment a cozy oasis.

The investors of the ZŁOTA 44 apartment building are an investment fund managed by AMSTAR, which purchases, develops, and manages real estate in selected markets in Europe, the USA, and other countries around the world, and BBI Development – a real estate development company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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