14:30 14 March 2019
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Labor market / Employers get ready, Gen Z is coming!

As Generation Z is about to enter the workforce, employers need to up their game if they want to recruit and retain this emerging generation. According to Anita Zajączkowska from TFLS, specialized courses for employees are increasingly often part of benefits packages, aimed at attracting young talent.

Labor market / Employers get ready, Gen Z is coming!

Tech-savvy, hyper-connected, passionate and driven, determined to make a lasting impact and impatient to see results – just some of the qualities that Generation Z is about to bring to the job market. With so much to offer, they feel entitled to expect equally high standards from their future employers. These expectations might be quite challenging to satisfy. It is high time companies took a closer look at Gen Z and tried to understand what makes these young people tick, because contrary to what many people think, Gen Z are not just “younger Millennials.” Today’s twenty-year-olds grew up with YouTube and social media, grassroots activism as well as growing global issues and concerns.

In fact, Gen Z is seen as the first truly global generation: “informed, equipped and having the highest of expectations,” as well as “ultra-ambitious attitudes,” according to a recent report prepared by EY. Skill development is of the utmost importance to Generation Z and, at the same time, it is also the top reason for job switching among Poles, according to the latest Confidence Index study conducted by Michael Page, a leading recruitment company.

Comfortable offices, state-of-the-art equipment and a rich benefits package – although still attractive incentives – may no longer cut it with the next wave of graduates entering the job market. Helping these young adults become global citizens by giving them an environment where they can thrive, with plenty of opportunities to acquire practical training and develop their skills, should be the goal of every employer. It is also the best way to attract and retain young talent.

Employers are well aware they cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to attract the youngest generation entering the workforce. They offer them a wide array of training, courses, opportunities to travel worldwide and develop their skills. Gen Z, unlike their predecessors, almost universally consider traveling around the globe as an opportunity rather than a burden. One of the best ways to help them become truly global citizens is by offering them English language courses as part of their benefit package.

Anita Zajączkowska from TFLS, one of the top English language schools in Warsaw, emphasizes: “English, as a modern lingua franca, is an indispensable communication tool for every global citizen. Companies recognize that employees’ interest in improving English language skills is on the rise. That is why they invest not only in general English courses, but also in specialized ones, e.g. business or legal English.”
For both employers and employees, quality is of the essence, putting a lot of emphasis on teaching methods and standards. Gen Z are well aware of their value and expect the best in return. Offering them top-notch development opportunities may be one of the best investments an employer can make.

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