15:11 11 June 2019
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Poland boasts small gender pay gap against the EU

Poland boasts small gender pay gap against the EU

In Poland, we observe a relatively small gender pay gap, defining inequalities between women's and men's earnings, according to latest report.  The latter earn 7.2 percent  more though. As checked in 2017 by Eurostat, in the European Union men earn by an average of 16 percent more than women. In order to earn as much as a man in a year, the average European woman with similar qualifications, same position and on the same time, must therefore work for 14 months.
Among EU countries, the smallest gap occurs in Romania, where women earn on average by 3.5 percent  less than men. The largest inequalities were recorded in Germany, the Czech Republic and Estonia. In the latter, for every € 1 earned by a man, a woman is entitled to only 75 cents.

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