19:19 28 May 2023
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Poland ranks 33rd in the Energy Security Index

Poland ranks 33rd in the Energy Security Index
Source: Jagiellonian Institute

ESI is a new ranking published by the Jagiellonian Institute, which includes 45 countries. It is based on three pillars: structural, resilience, and consumer. 

Under the structural pillar, analysts assess to what extent the demand for a particular energy source is met by domestic production. The resilience pillar aims to determine the extent to which a country's economy is burdened by the costs of importing energy sources. The consumer pillar reflects the share of energy source expenses in the citizens' budgets.

The leaders of the ESI ranking for 2022 are Australia, Canada, Norway, and the United States.

"These countries are large, highly developed economies. At the same time, they export more energy carriers than they import. In addition, they have a high level of electrification and a significant share of renewable energy sources," Maciej Gacki, an expert in electric energy market analysis at the Jagiellonian Institute, said.


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