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19:49 28 November 2019
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Study: Women handle debt better than men

Study: Women handle debt better than men
source: MaxPixels

Men tend to exaggerate their financial problems and feel stronger embarrassment because of their occurrence, which is why they later and less often look for ways to solve them, according to a study conducted by InfoMonitor Economic Information Bureau.
The authors of the study examined how Poles react to stressful situations related to their financial situation: the lack of money on one’s card when paying for a purchase, low earnings, a bank’s refusal to grant a loan, being unemployed, being entered into a debtors’ register, declaring consumer bankruptcy and not paying maintenance. In the case of five of these situations, men are more strongly embarrassed than women.
“Strong and prolonged shame makes men hide or run away from a problem, rather than seek constructive solutions and help. I see it every day,” commented Roman Pomianowski, the head of the Debt Support Association.
Interestingly, among all respondents (without a gender breakdown) inclusion in a debtors’ register (43% of respondents) and the lack of funds on one’s card revealed while paying for shopping (43%) are seen as the two most embarrassing situations.

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