21:40 28 March 2022
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The American NGO to help Ukraine together with the Jolanta Kwaśniewska Foundation

The American NGO to help Ukraine together with the Jolanta Kwaśniewska Foundation
Jolanta Kwaśniewska, soutce: Newseria

Global Empowerment Mission, an American aid organization, leased warehouses in Warsaw, Rzeszów, and Tatabánya in Hungary, from which trucks loaded with equipment and the most necessary goods leave for Ukraine every day.

"We are able to ship food, medicine, and even ambulances and firefighting equipment there. Virtually everything our Ukrainian partners need at any given time," Michael Capponi, founder, and president of GEM, said.

Together with Jolanta Kwaśniewska's foundation, Communication Without Barriers, the organization began a program of relocation of 50,000 Ukrainian refugees to give them the opportunity to find work and support themselves.

"We currently have over 2 million people from Ukraine in Poland and the situation looks like pouring more liters of water into a large jug of water, where the meniscus is already convex. It is known that this situation will threaten a humanitarian catastrophe at some point. Hence the appeals to friends in various parts of the world to accept some of these joint and several responsibilities for women from Ukraine," Jolanta Kwaśniewska, president of the Communication Without Barriers Foundation, said.

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, recently indicated that ultimately the EU should prepare to receive up to 5 million refugees from war-torn Ukraine. Poland is the main direction of this military exodus. According to the latest data from the Border Guard, as many as 2.3 million refugees crossed the border with our country during the month of the war, the vast majority of whom were women and children.


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