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22:53 29 June 2020
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Unique office center at Gdańsk airport to be build

Unique office center at Gdańsk airport to be build
Source: Airport City Gdańsk

In the second quarter of 2021, a formation of the first complex of seven office buildings will be build at the Airport in Gdańsk. The construction cost is almost PLN 66 million. It will be the first office center located at the airport in Poland.

“Airport City Gdańsk is building a second leg for this airport. Keyword - diversification. We want the company to be able to generate revenues in the case of phenomena such as Covid-19," Tomasz Kloskowski,  the President of Gdańsk Airport, said.

In an interview with PAP, Kloskowski emphasized that Airport City Gdańsk will be the first office complex at the Polish airport.

"This is a unique undertaking, not even present at Warsaw Airport. However, in Europe and in the world there will also be no such projects at airports with a size of 5 million passengers per year. Such projects are implemented at large hubs serving at least 20 million passengers, " the president of the Gdańsk Airport said

Airport City Gdańsk will consist of seven office buildings, combining service, catering and hotel functions. The names of the office buildings refer to the aviation alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot and Golf.

Built as the first Alpha office building, it will have six floors and two underground floors. The investment is carried out by Hochtief Polska. The project is financed from bonds issued by the Gdańsk Airport with the participation of Bank Pekao SA and the company's own funds.


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