22:31 16 March 2022
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As many as 900,000 customers on Currency One websites

As many as 900,000 customers on Currency One websites
Source: Currency One

900,000 customers have already registered on the websites belonging to Currency One, Walutomat and, and the number of registrations in the last two weeks has increased by 472 percent y/y. The online exchange offices not only increase the registrations of new customers but also significantly increase the turnover.

“Indeed, in the last 10 days, in Walutomat alone, the turnover reached PLN 1 billion. The total turnover on this website from the beginning of its existence is quickly approaching PLN 100 billion. That's an impressive amount that customers convert through our platform," Maciej Przygórzewski, Operations Manager at Currency One, said.

"In the last 14 days, the average value of transactions has also increased, which increased in Walutomat and by 174 percent compared to the same period last year," he added.

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