Mandaryna returns to her former producers

Marta Wiśniewska, source: Newseria

A singer and a dancer Marta Wiśniewska nicknamed Mandaryna will soon present the audience with a new repertoire. She explains that the time of quarantine was conducive to reflection and motivated to act creatively. It was then that she started working with people who once helped her create music. Mandaryna has already recorded a few songs. Now, however, she faces the most difficult task – she has to decide which one to show the world first. She hopes the new material will repeat the success of "Ev'ry Night".

Mandaryna explains that recent months have been quite specific when it comes to artistic activity. The musicians could not work because of the restrictions related to the pandemic. She points out that the lack of concerts was a problem not only for singers, but also for all other people who work at the concerts. The singer used the time to create new material.

“I still run my dance schools. I train children, teenagers and adults in hip-hop dance. It is a great pleasure, but apart from that I locked myself in the studio for a while, I returned to my former producers. The last time we met 15 years ago, and now we are trying to create something again, we will see what comes out of it, time will show,” Marta Wiśniewska said.

At the beginning of her career, Mandaryna presented to the audience the song "Ev'ry Night" , which is still very popular today. The singer does not cut herself off from the past. On the contrary, she smiles when it comes to questions about the song. She emphasizes that she has not yet chosen the musical style in which the new album will be kept. He is still experimenting and looking for the right path.


marta wiśniewska

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