'Hate speech differs in intention from expressing one's own opinions': Edyta Herbuś

Edyta Herbuś, source: Newseria

Edyta Herbuś, a dancer and actress, admits that she has experienced unpleasantness from internet users who did not spare her bitter words. Despite this, not all critics are put in one line. In her opinion, it is important why someone expresses a negative opinion about another person. If the criticism is constructive and is intended to encourage change for the better, then doing so makes sense. If, on the other hand, someone writes negative comments anonymously to slander, then they deserve condemnation.

According to Edyta Herbuś, it is worth sharing love, positive energy, and good advice with others. It comes back to us with multiplied force, and in addition, such an attitude can overcome hate, criticism, and all other attacks. The dancer tries not to focus on what is bad, but on what is good. She also believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Therefore, people who have stumbled, strayed, or acted wrongly should not be immediately crossed out.

"I have the impression that a lot of evil comes from people's unawareness and what we can do every day to prevent it is not to respond to an attack with an attack, not to block people who react inappropriately but to redirect their attention to the causes why it happens. Because each of us has the right to go astray and life should give us space to learn from these mistakes. If someone makes a mistake, then you don't have to throw stones, but open your heart to the other person, help him and show him some better direction," Edyta Herbuś said.


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