We are not aware of the power of the internet

Krystian Pesta, source: Newseria

Krystian Pesta, an actor, notices that the Internet offers many opportunities, but also many dangers. Nowadays, it has dominated many aspects of our daily functioning. It happens, however, that the line between what is real and what is virtual begins to blur. And that should be a warning sign. According to Krystian Pesta, it is easy to lose yourself on the Internet and forget that one click can decide about someone's life or death. The topic discussed in the series "Behaviorist" is so relevant today that no viewer should be indifferent.

The actor emphasizes that he likes to use the Internet himself because thanks to it he can do many things without leaving home. After all, e-shopping, medical e-consultations, e-job interviews, even official matters are dealt with in the e-office has become everyday life. The network also allows you to obtain the latest information from the country and the world, as well as instant contact between people from different parts of our globe.

"We are not fully aware of the power of the Internet, and we only take a fragment of it. Every ordinary Internet user actually uses 10-20 percent, although it seems to us that when using popular portals, information channels, and social media, we are already surfing on all possible sites, but in fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and underneath it is not always interesting. We are talking about the dark internet here, about certain auctions taking place there that will never be available to the regular internet user,” Pesta said.


krystian pesta

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