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12th TIME Economic Forum - Between competition and Cooperation: the New Digital World

12th TIME Economic Forum is a meeting of representatives of domestic and foreign industry organizations and enterprises of the European ICT sector. Each year, it is attended by over 1000 people. The Forum is a platform for exchanging thoughts and entering into a dialogue with Europe's top professionals and representatives of the European Parliament, government administration, science and business, providing a possibility for determining the needs of entrepreneurs as well as the conditions and modifications necessary for the development of the digital economy.

12th TIME Economic Forum - Between competition and Cooperation: the New Digital World

The network economy, 5G, Industry 4.0, digital financial system and AI have left the door open for the next stage of network and industry digitization. The development of network economy means that it is required to reform the regulatory environment. The driving force is the desire to increase the efficiency of making use of digital opportunities. The TIME Economic Forum brings people interested in the development of new economic law together.

During the current term of office of the EU authorities, key directives will be developed. They will define the legal framework for the functioning of the network economy. The emerging business models give competitive advantage to companies that are eager to cooperate Platforms 4.0 operating within the EU have already defined their main problems, which prepared them to open a dialogue with their country authorities and with the European Commission. Their goal is to describe and justify the changes that need to be implemented. Digital technology provides for more efficient management of resources within value chains that are now merging to form a global economic network. The growing importance of economies of scale gives the opportunity to better employ the potential of companies. Relying on digital industry is already a standard in the sector of globally operating companies. The condition for maintaining the competitiveness of the EU economy is to open the same opportunities before SMEs.

The mission of the Forum organizers is to bring change to the business environment. The representatives of the telecom, ICT, electronics and power sector, scientific community, as well as representatives of the legislative, the executive and local authorities were invited to have a substantial debate. The list of guests includes, among others: Jadwiga Emilewicz - Minister of Development, Marek Zagórski - Minister of Digitization, Marcin Cichy - President of the Office of Electronic Communications, Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director of ITU (Telecommunication Development Bureau), Peter Stuckmann - European Commission DG Connect, Bocar Ba - CEO Samena Telecommunications, Managing Director International Communication Union, Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl - CEO of DigitalEurope, as well as many other distinguished guests.


12. TIME Economic Forum will be divided into three theme areas: electronic telecommunications networks, industry and digitisation of financial systems.

In the first part, we will discuss legal changes, decisions and actions that will allow for the economically effective development of 5G networks. 
Discussions will revolve around the following subjects:

·      coherence of the fiber optic infrastructure development plan and the schedule for allocating frequency bands with the needs of industry 4.0 and IoT,

·      network economy and services for society 5.0,

·      the rules and the rate of financing of investments in IoT solutions in cities and industrial zones,

·      establishing an administrative base for pan-European field-wide industrial cooperation networks as part of the 5G network layers,

·      establishing rules for financing universal streaming services provided via the 5G network.

The second part will be dedicated to industry 4.0. It will focus on the issues of legal and administrative framework reforms necessary to ensure transparent and secure conditions for doing business online. In the context of the debate that has already begun in the expert community of the European Commission, we will try to highlight the following topics:

·      creation of of an administrative and legal framework for standardization and normalization of the activities of production networks in industry 4.0,

·      defining a legal framework enabling the full use of the potential of AI-based software,

·      methods to ensure digital security, intellectual property protection and the security of business transactions within production networks 4.0,

The third part will be dedicated to modernisation and digitization of the financial sector. We will discuss the need to launch a pan-European discussion on the coexistence of global digital, national and regional currencies. The main topics include:

·      the importance of "digital technologies" for economic development,

·      the need to popularize and raise the quality of lifelong learning as a prerequisite for actively stimulating social acceptance necessary to accelerate change,

·      the growing role of innovation and knowledge in socio-economic life.


The Forum is organized by the most prominent business organizations: Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications, Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Office of Electronic Communications

Honorary Patronage: Ministry of Digital Affairs, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Infrastructure, Office of Electronic Communications, National Center for Research and Development and Digital Europe.

Strategic Partners: Orange, Play, Plus, T-Mobile, Huawei

Partners: Accenture, Atende, Ayming, Comp, Cyfrowy Polsat, Emitel, Ericsson, Eutelsat, Globema, Google, Multimedia, NASK, Netia, Nokia, Samsung, Schneider Electric, Siemens, PWC, UPC, Lexus,

All the information regarding TIME Economic Forum can be found at:

Journalists and public administration representatives have FREE entrance after prior registration at

Additional information:

Krzysztof Węglarz, mobile: 504 278 770, e-mail:

Izabela Felińska, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications, mobile: 515 120 265, e-mail: 
Łukasz Szelecki, mobile:
 516 023 705, e-mail:, Wojciech Skrok, mobile: 504 278 770, e-mail:, Flywheel PR

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