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13 people leave the Medical Council

13 people leave the Medical Council
Source: MaxPixel

13 out of 17 members of the Medical Council submitted to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki their resignation from advising the government on the Covid-19 epidemic. As the reason, the medics pointed out, inter alia, no impact of the recommendation on the actual actions.

"The authority of this government is not the professors, but the anti-vaccine workers. Shame!" Tomasz Grodzki, Speaker of the Senate, commented.

"The discrepancy between scientific and medical rationale and practice has become especially glaring in the context of very limited activities in the face of the autumn wave, and then in the face of the threat of the omicron variant, despite the enormous number of deaths expected," thirteen former members of the Medical Council stated.

The medics emphasized that, as the Medical Council, they were repeatedly accused of insufficiently influencing the government's actions.

"At the same time, we have seen growing tolerance of Covid-19 denied behavior and the importance of vaccination in the fight against the pandemic, as expressed in statements by members of the Government or government officials," they wrote.


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