23:46 11 April 2021
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According to Netflix, euro should cost PLN 4.26: analysis

According to Netflix, euro should cost PLN 4.26: analysis
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The analysis of Tomasz Majtkowski from eToro shows that the exchange rates in Poland do not fully reflect the real price levels. For comparison purposes, the analyst used the cheapest subscription to the Netflix streaming platform.

"The prices of Netflix's services in different countries differ. If we assume that they should be the same, then the euro should currently cost PLN 4.26, the dollar PLN 3.78, and the pound PLN 5.68. In turn, due to the pound rate, Poles are now paying more for Netflix's basic plan than the British and almost as much as the Americans," Tomasz Majtkowski wrote.

The price of the basic plan in Poland is PLN 34. In Germany, you have to pay €7.99 for the same plan, or PLN 36.27 after conversion. And for the price of this plan in Poland and Germany to be the same, the euro exchange rate in Poland should be PLN 4.26. Currently, the euro costs PLN 4.54 on the market, which is 6.7 percent more.

In the US, where Netflix originated and has the most customers, the same plan costs $8.99. At the current dollar exchange rate of PLN 3.81, the American pays only 0.7 percent more for his Netflix than the Pole. In order for them to pay the same, the exchange rate should be PLN 3.78.

Finally, at the current rate of the pound, the British pay less for the basic Netflix subscription than the Poles. It is PLN 31.39. For prices to equalize, the pound should rise from the current PLN 5.24 to PLN 5.68.

"It is a paradoxical situation, in the past, many Poles, who moved permanently to the UK, tried to keep the Polish Netflix account with its prices," the analyst noted.

If the costs of non-basic plans were used for comparison, the results of the comparison would be more surprising. The Premium plan costs PLN 52, while our western neighbors pay €17.99. If these prices were to be equal, the euro in Poland should cost PLN 2.89. This is significantly below the historical minimum of June 30, 2008, which is PLN 3.20 per euro.

"In the comparison, we did not take into account the fact that the offer of films and programs on Netflix differs from country to country. It is estimated that subscribers in Poland have access to approximately 50-60 percent of films and series available on other markets," Majtkowski added.


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