22:01 12 May 2022
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Adam Glapiński becomes NBP President for another term

Adam Glapiński becomes NBP President for another term
Source: SGH

On Thursday, members of parliament decided that Adam Glapiński will continue as head of the National Bank of Poland. The opposition did not leave a dry thread on him. Glapiński's fate was in the balance until the very end and despite the fact that he is described as the main culprit of the rampant price increases and borrowers' problems, he received a sufficient number of votes and was elected for another term. There were 234 MPs in favor and 223 MPs against.

Borys Budka (KO) said that Adam Glapiński’s election would guarantee poverty for Poles, but also record profits for banks.

"It is supporting high inflation, supporting chaos in the economy, high credit installments and everything that is destroying the lives of Poles today," Mirosław Suchoń of Poland 2050 said in turn.

Global Finance magazine ranked Glapiński as one of the worst central bank governors in Europe. Only CEOs in Belarus and Ukraine were given similar ratings. Although Glapiński has been given one of the worst marks – C – in the ranking for years, the latest ranking provides a clear explanation: one of the reasons is his too passive attitude towards the galloping inflation.


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