22:51 13 April 2021
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AI most popular in Ireland and least in Latvia

AI most popular in Ireland and least in Latvia
Source: EP

Among the EU Member States, Ireland has the highest percentage of enterprises that have used artificial intelligence (AI), and the lowest – Latvia. Poland was fifth from the bottom, Eurostat reported.

According to Eurostat, in 2020, 7 percent of companies in the EU employing at least 10 people have used AI applications. Among the EU Member States, Ireland recorded the highest percentage of enterprises (23 percent) that used any of the AI applications examined by the agency in 2020. Other countries with the widespread use of AI technology are Malta (19 percent), Finland (12 percent), and Denmark (11 percent). The lowest shares were recorded in Latvia (2 percent), Slovenia, Hungary, Cyprus (3 percent each), and Poland (4 percent).

According to the chairman of the European Parliament's special committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age (AIDA), Romanian MEP Dragos Tudorach, the digital revolution will bring about a reshuffling of the existing world order.

"Digitally competitive countries will gain an advantage and become new digital powers, while those that are not digitally competitive will be left behind, no matter what position they currently occupy," the MEP said.


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