16:00 21 January 2021
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Average salary in Poland surprisingly high in December

Average salary in Poland surprisingly high in December
Source: Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

The average salary in the enterprise sector, i.e. in companies employing over nine people, was in December 2020 6.6 percent higher than in the same month of 2019. and amounted to  PLN 5,973.75 gross.

The growth rate of the average wage exceeded the levels recorded in recent months. And quite clearly it approached the values ​​recorded in January and February, so before the pandemic.

 Economists point out that wages are subject to very strong seasonal fluctuations. December is the time when employers pay out regular salary supplements and irregular bonuses. Statistics overestimate, among others wages for miners.

"In December 2020, compared to the previous month, the average monthly gross salary in the enterprise sector increased by 8.9 percent. This was due to the payment of quarterly bonuses, annual, jubilee, and discretionary bonuses, as well as retirement benefits, which, apart from basic salaries, are included in the salary components. This phenomenon is observed every year in this period," Central Statistical Office (GUS) officials indicated in their comment to the data.

The latest statistics surprised economists who forecasted a wage increase of 4.7 percent. The final result was therefore almost 2 points. percent higher.



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