11:24 27 June 2019
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Small Kashubian village, located 70 km from Gdańsk and 20 km from the nearest city and biggest equestrian show in Poland? Yes, it’s possible, and even more – it works perfectly for 5 years. Year by year is getting bigger and better and its recognizes by the world best riders.


Professional infrastructure, perfectly prepared arenas, great atmosphere, international company, prize value - all these advantages make Ciekocinko one of the best equestrian locations in Europe.

BALTICA SPRING TOUR 2019 was already the 10th edition of this amazing event. Once again for three weeks, Ciekocinko became the biggest and most professional equestrian center in Central Europe. 300 riders representing 26 nationalities from all across the globe, 1000 horses and hundreds of visitors.

After the competition on parcours, all riders and hotel guests could participate in many additional activities such as Jump & Drive competition sponsored by British Automotive Gdańsk and Dorota Miśkiewicz concert

Ciekocinko Stables is an integral part of the Palace Ciekocinko Hotel Resort & Wellness complex. Both investments, the revitalization, and reconstruction of the palace and the park and the establishing of the Sports Centre within Ciekocinko Stud Farm, had been carried out in parallel, with each other from the outset so that in the end one could complement the other. This goal has been achieved. Returning the palace to its former glory while preserving the spirit of this place where you can still hear a whisper of the history, has been offset by the tap of hooves on the pavement, the turmoil of a busy day in the stable, the drudgery of haymaking or dynamic horse silhouettes among the greenery of the pastures: and last but not least, a hefty dose of pure sport emotions and adrenaline during much international horse jumping shows regularly held at Ciekocinko Stables – BALTICA EQUESTRIAN TOUR. The Organizers believes that they are creating a new quality of equestrian events in Poland. They are convinced that this wonderful discipline deserves a unique setting, is worth a lot of work and a gigantic organizational effort. They hope that by initiating changes, making efforts to promote horse riding and creating its favorable image, they will find many partners and followers. It is their dream to make this sport accessible to a broader audience and show its beauty and dynamics, as they believe that horse riding is encoded in their DNA and is a part of our national genotype. 

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