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20:20 23 January 2020
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Being a business school is not enough

Being a business school is not enough
Source: Koźmiński University

Koźminski University was included in the first edition of Positive Impact Rating (PIR) as one of 30 business universities in the world and the only one from Poland.

The rating was announced on January 22, 2020, during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Its purpose is to show universities that are guided by sustainable development and a positive impact on society and the environment in their mission and day-to-day operations. Students themselves evaluated their universities in terms of sustainable development, social commitment, and ethics.

“The business school can no longer be limited to efficiency-focused analytical and technical courses. Today, the expectations of the market and people are more complex and demanding.

“Graduates leaving the walls of the university indicate their desire to change the world for the better and not get rich quickly as their main motivation. Universities must take their responsibility seriously for enabling graduates to achieve these goals,” prof. Witold Bielecki, a rector of the Koźminski University, said.


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