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23:21 11 October 2021
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Bitcoin continues to be the first choice of Polish eToro investors in Q3 2021

Bitcoin continues to be the first choice of Polish eToro investors in Q3 2021
Source: Photo by Executium on Unsplash

According to the latest eToro data, Polish individual investors have maintained their faith in cryptocurrencies despite volatility in the last quarter. Data from the third quarter show that Bitcoin remained the number one among individual investors, with a 4 percent increase in position compared to Q2. Ethereum and Cardano close the top three in Poland – the first with an increase of 2 percent (an increase compared to the previous quarter), and the second with an increase of 15 percent.

The Polish sentiment towards bitcoin is in line with the global trend. Assets stagnated growth in major markets such as the UK (up 2 percent), the US (up 3 percent), and Germany (up 5 percent).

"There has been a lot of change in the cryptocurrency world in the last quarter. We have moved from a bull run to a slightly more cautious market, and events like China's recent decision to ban crypto trades have created some degree of uncertainty. But we've also witnessed events like Cardano Alonzo's hard fork and the London-based Ethereum update, adding better functionalities and adaptability to both networks – which means several busy months have passed for both developers and investors," Simon Peters, Analyst cryptocurrency market on eToro, said.


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