19:22 9 September 2019
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Chinese companies want to invest in Poland

Chinese companies want to invest in Poland
source: MaxPixel

Chinese investors are still interested in energy projects as well as infrastructure schemes in Poland. In turn, Polish companies, as well as their products and services, have a chance to enter the local market more strongly than before, according to Michał Mrożek, the CEO of HSBC Polska.

“Poland is still in the circle of interest of Chinese investors, primarily for three reasons. Firstly, our country is considered as a gateway to the EU, and at the same time [second reason] as a country with a large local market; and thirdly, we already have sufficiently developed know-how,” Mrożek said.

In his opinion, this trend depends on many factors, including those on which we have no influence, such as geopolitics. An important element will be the opportunity to participate in infrastructure investments in Poland to a greater extent.


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