21:24 22 December 2020
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Companies forecast development of Polish-American cooperation within 3 years

Companies forecast development of Polish-American cooperation within 3 years
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A study of the investment climate in Poland, conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (AmCham) and KPMG, shows that 2/3 of respondents believe that Polish-American cooperation in the industry represented by the respondents will develop over the next three years. This will be mainly due to the supply of labor, as almost half of the companies expect that in the next three years the availability of employees on the market and their qualifications will improve.

"American companies are very resilient in the face of the deteriorating economic situation, and although some business counts on support, as you can see, most of our companies are doing well enough that even in such a difficult time that has come, they have not revised their development plans. This proves their high competitiveness and economic potential, which will help the Polish economy return to the path of growth," Dorota Dąbrowska-Winterscheid, Managing Director at the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, said.

As the survey results show, most concerns are caused by the condition of the economy and the prospect of recession, which most companies expect. Additionally, the growing concern about tax increases is emphasized – currently, as many as 84 percent ​​of enterprises believe that the investment climate will worsen within three years due to the fiscal burden on entrepreneurs.

Another factor that weakens the attractiveness of our economy in the eyes of investors is the forecast that the role of entrepreneurs in legislating will weaken. The respondents are also concerned about the deterioration of the effectiveness of legal provisions. The investment climate is assessed rather positively by American companies in Poland.

As emphasized by Dorota Dąbrowska-Winterscheid, the current market threats do not completely discourage new overseas investors from investing in Poland.

The position of American companies in Poland is the result of a long history of Polish-American relations, investments, and the development of American business in our country. Assets, i.e. total assets, are valued at over PLN 200 billion. This value is followed by jobs, i.e. over 300,000 people employed by American companies in Poland.


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