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21:46 22 September 2020
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Employers getting ready for second wave of coronavirus

Employers getting ready for second wave of coronavirus
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Experts agree that the fall and winter period may not only increase the incidence of Covid-19, but also any other infections, such as influenza. The sanitary regime implemented in companies due to the coronavirus is already a standard, and employers are now introducing various work models in order to maintain the current effectiveness of teams and at the same time ensure employees' safety.

At present, it is up to the employer to determine the mode of operation of the organization and whether employees work from offices or still remotely. Companies use different models – some have returned to work in the office with a full team, others use a mixed model, in which employees in strictly defined groups work part of the time from home and some remotely. Still, others continue to work remotely and observe the epidemic in Poland.

"Employers have a lot of freedom when it comes to possible returns of employees to the office. There are many criteria that employers take into account when planning returns, including the number of daily cases of infection in Poland, the size of the company and office, the type of work, the possibility of ensuring safety on the premises of the workplace, the space where employees work ... However, it is worth remembering that in each of them it is the employer's responsibility to ensure optimal working conditions and safety," Łukasz Wawrzyniak, W&W Consulting, stressed.

Until a few months ago, no one thought that the coronavirus would affect office space so much, and at the same time would pose a challenge to employers.

"Adjusting the sanitary requirements to the number of people working in the office and the rules sometimes looks like a jigsaw puzzle in which rearranging individual elements will allow you to achieve the desired result," Wawrzyniak added.

Therefore, employers, when planning the return of employees to offices, should very carefully define and explain to employees the rules of staying on the company's premises.


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