20:11 15 October 2019
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Enterprises’ expectations for next 12 months down again – NBP

Enterprises’ expectations for next 12 months down again – NBP
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Enterprises expect a slight improvement in their own situation in Q4 2019, but their predictions for the next 12 months have fallen again and are well below the long-term average, according to the October edition of the NBP study “Quick monitoring. Analysis of the situation of the enterprise sector.”

Enterprises assess the probability of a significant economic downturn in the next 12 months as low or moderate.

“The construction industry is still the most optimistic in forecasts. Declines (and a low level of optimism) are observed in the trade industry, other services and in manufacturing. Negative ratings prevail, above all, in mining, where there was a significant increase in concerns about the future, and in the energy sector, in which, however, pessimistic predictions do not deepen,” NBP said.

In the light of the results of this study, the level of investment activity in the second half of this year will – despite some quarterly improvement in sentiment among investors – remain lower than in the first half of the year.



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