21:06 10 September 2019
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EU’s Court of Justice passed a judgment favorable to Poland

EU’s Court of Justice passed a judgment favorable to Poland
source: Wikipedia

The Court of Justice of the European Union issued a judgment favorable to Poland regarding Gazprom's use of the Opal gas pipeline, the Ministry of Energy (ME) said in a press release. The court overturned the European Commission's decision giving the Russian group the right to use the gas pipeline in 100 percent.
“A favorable judgment for Poland is another, after the adoption of the Gas Directive, an event that will end Gazprom's monopoly in Europe. This is a lesson for those who think that they can operate on the European energy market without complying with its principles,” Krzysztof Tchórzewski, Minister of Energy, said.
“Poland's win, in this case, reduces the likelihood of a serious gas crisis in Ukraine, which could also hit other countries in the region, including Poland,” he added.
The Opalgas pipeline (with an annual capacity of 36 billion cubic meters of gas) is a land extension of the Nord Stream I gas pipeline on German territory along the western border of Poland. It allows gas to flow to the south, reaching the border with the Czech Republic.

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