21:38 1 June 2020
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Every third toy is not for sale: UOKiK warns

Every third toy is not for sale: UOKiK warns
Source: Piqsels

Every fourth toy audited was questioned last year by Trade Inspection inspectors, according to Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). In addition, of every 500 tested in the toy laboratory, every third had irregularities disqualifying from the market.

Last year, Trade Inspection inspectors tested 2,636 toys, of which 703 were questioned (26.7 percent). 

"The most irregularities concerned formal issues. For example, there was no information about the toy manufacturer, warnings or instructions for use or the CE mark. By placing this mark, the manufacturer confirms that his toy meets the requirements set out in European regulations," the Office informed.

In addition to formal matters, UOKiK also checked whether toys contain hazardous substances. 

"In 2019, laboratory employees tested 517 toys, of which 181 found non-compliance (35 percent of toys tested)," UOKiK added.

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