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Factories from China interested in Poland

Factories from China interested in Poland
Source: Pxhere

After experiencing supply chains disrupted by COVID-19, when goods made in China did not reach Europe for a while, companies are considering moving some of their production closer to their own borders. Nearshoring (relocation of business processes to a geographically close country) is an opportunity for Poland. According to Jan Barbasiewicz, partner and director of the logistics and industrial space department at Colliers International, inquiries about such opportunities are no longer individual cases. From Poland, goods can be delivered to most cities in the most densely populated part of Europe within 24 hours, and to the entire continent within 48 hours.

"A very strong increase in interest in Poland comes from the electronics industry, both consumer, i.e. offering devices, and producing components, e.g. for the automotive or household appliances industry. It is true that inquiries about warehouse space prevail, but they are also interested in space for assembly plants or production plants," says Jan Barbasiewicz.

The second industry currently analyzing the possibilities of relocating production plants to Poland is automotive.

"We are currently carrying out several such projects, and our clients are suppliers of major car concerns," reveals Jan Barbasiewicz.

AXI IMMO experts also talk to interested parties.

"We are currently at the preliminary stage of talks with several international companies that are considering - for now, a partial, not complete - transfer of production to Poland. These are companies from the industry related to the production of metal elements for various industries and a chemical company," says Marek Kosielski , director of the BTS department at AXI IMMO.

According to Jan Barbasiewicz, the process of launching production in Poland by a foreign company normally takes from one to two years. The site analysis itself and its selection takes 6 to 12 months. Developers need the same amount of time after signing the contract to build the facility. Currently, due to the pandemic, companies are especially careful and carefully analyze all the pros and cons before making decisions, which means that decisions are made much slower.

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