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17:58 2 December 2019
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Finance minister to violate anti-corruption law

Finance minister to violate anti-corruption law
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Tadeusz Kościński entered the government with shares in the company, thus violating the anti-corruption law. The minister claims that he could not sell them. The CBA adopts his version, writes Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily.
As we read, when the current Minister of Finance entered the government four years ago (as deputy minister of development), he owned half of all shares in the IT company iLogis.  The daily noted that this is prohibited by the anti-corruption law, and the CBA has found a violation of its provisions.
“The politician explained that he could not sell the shares because he had no contact with his partner and assured him that he did not gain any benefits from the activity of iLogis,” the daily revealed.
Currently, iLogis is in liquidation since the end of May 2018.
(Business Insider)

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